In 2022, two academic musicians and long-time colleagues Senka Nedeljkovic, soprano and Aleksandar Uzelac, pianist, formed Duo SenSa with an idea to promote and perform classical music concerts with different repertoire and styles. During the same year their concerts included solo songs by Spanish, German, Russian and Italian composers, Neapolitan songs, famous arias from operas and Broadway hits with modern arrangements.

Dr um. Senka Nedeljković



Aleksandar Uzelac



I think they are excellent team, each masterful at their task, on the way to the same goal, so we were rewarded with wonderful music.

Every genre is perfect. Wonderful as always. Voice, diction, stage performance, song selection. I hope we will have the opportunity to watch and listen to this beautiful music more often. When music is performed with this kind of emotion, there is no mistake. Congratulations!

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